Tisch1 Outline Tisch1 Top

The dissolution of surface

The tabletop is replaced by a framework of delicate wooden strips, which reduces the closed surface nearly by half without affecting the outer measurements. Transparent, lightweight... and yet stable.


New space dimensions

Above, beneath and beside belong to the past.
Office supplies, storage and decoration are integrated INTO the table and the dissolved surface.

Even a full table looks neatly organized.

Flexibler Raum

Flexible space

Surfaces are placed where needed. Size, form, colour and material are customized for each purpose.



Binders and file folders are ready to hand from within the frame.
Drawers for stationery, keyboard, tablet PC can be integrated anywhere, as well as a screen mount, lamps or speakers.



2, 4 or 6 placemats with inserts for cutlery, napkins and decoration.
Salt shaker, floral centerpiece, candle-holder, menu... all ready to hand, integrated in the table.



In 20 seconds from 74 cm to 40 cm height. Customizable storage units for remote, notebook, magazines, books...
All inserts and accessories can be used for both heights.



Chair backs can be freely positioned to transform the table into a comfortable bench for up to 4 persons.
Complete with upholstery, magazine rack, lamps etc., a comfortable and elegant waiting or lounging area is created.



One idea further:
A futon or mattress transforms Tisch.1 into a comfortable daybed or guest bed.

To be continued.


Transport & Storage

Without tools in 20 seconds from high to low position.
In 2 minutes to a storage and shipping measurement of only 94 x 232 x 12 cm.


Work and storage surfaces, binders, hanging file folders, lamps, chair backs, upholstery, screen mount, PC stand, cable organizer, speakers...
Inserted organizers: cutlery, pens, napkins, decoration, stationery, laptop, magazines, remote, tablet PC...

Materials & Quality

Wood, aluminium, stainless steel, wax and wood oil, in coloured versions solvent-free staining and gloss paint.

Made in Germany. Completely.

At launch in March 2013 not all accessories will be
available yet.
We‘ll be happy to keep you updated about news and availability.

Contact & Order

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